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Consider inviting Sacramento Taiko Dan to perform at your next event. We add unique depth, richness and excitement to any type of gathering. We have performed at events ranging from weddings to school assemblies to corporate team building meetings.

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 Japanese Drums 

We carry on the traditional craft of drum building. By sanding and gluing each oak stave, and stretching the cow hide, we infuse our spirit into each drum.

We also have one of the largest collections of traditionally crafted instruments. These drums were created by Asano Taiko of Ishikawa, Japan, one of the premiere taiko builders in the world that has been crafting drums since 1609.

We are particularly proud to present the largest Nagado Odaiko drum in North America. Crafted by Asano Taiko from a solid log of bubinga wood from West Cameroon, this spectacular instrument measures nearly five feet across, six feet long, and rests nine feet high on its stand. Weighing almost 800 pounds, the sheer size and volume of our Odaiko drum produces a rich echoing voice. Its allure is universal as it evokes timeless emotions, which resonate within all audiences.

Taiko drums evoke both spiritual and emotional responses in audiences of all ages. This art form spans cultures as well as centuries. It is at once ancient and modern. It is a model of strength and empowerment.